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TEMCo - Tower Electric Motor Co.

TEMCo is internationally known for providing quality industrial power generation conversion and distribution products.

TEMCo designs, manufactures, sells and distributes a broad range of standard and customized products to industrial and OEM customers.
Our businesses encompass a broad range of niche consumer and industrial manufacturing and distribution operations.

Why TEMCo?


TEMCo has spent years developing an infrastructure with the key objective being to provide high performance solutions to a changing marketplace.

Fast, Reliable Delivery Next day, 2-day, and in some situations same day delivery are key requirements of many of today's fast growing companies. Globalization and a new world economy are dictating new challenges and the need for new strategies.

Quality Customer Service - Sales engineers take time to understand each individual customers needs, and recommend the best possible solution.

Locations - By utilizing a network of national and international warehouses, many stock products can be shipped same day. In many cases even custom tailored products can be obtained in just a fraction of industry standard lead times.     


When you turn to TEMCo for your supply of electrical generation, conversion or distribution products you're not getting a generic answer to your questions and a run of the mill product. You're tapping in to a vast wealth of experience and information which has been cumulatively assimilated through the combined effort of our technical staff.

At TEMCo we focus heavily on the education and training process of the associates within the company. This translates into thoroughly informed and up to date responses to your requests. Coupled with the wide product offering of TEMCo, be rest assured that your unique application will be understood and the cultivation of a solution initiated.

Quality customer service. Sales representatives (engineers) who take time to understand each individual customer's needs to recommend the best possible solution.

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